Russian Federation

Corporate - Branch income

Last reviewed - 12 February 2021

FLEs pay tax on profits attributable to a PE. The profits of an FLE’s PE are calculated primarily on the same basis as Russian legal entities, including the composition of tax-deductible expenses. Although the RTC does not specifically mention the deductibility of expenses incurred outside of Russia by a foreign corporate head office with respect to its PE in Russia (including a reasonable allocation of administration costs), most DTTs provide for such an option.

Russian tax law has recently been amended to include a special provision on the taxable income of PEs. When determining the taxable income of a PE in Russia, its functions, assets, and economic and commercial risks should be taken into account. This provision does not contain any guidance on specific transfer pricing methods that taxpayers should follow. In addition, court practice regarding this approach has not yet been developed.

If an FLE conducts free-of-charge preparatory and/or auxiliary services for the benefit of third parties, then a PE would be considered to have been formed, and the tax base of such a PE would be calculated as 20% of its expenses related to such activities.

FLEs operating in Russia through a PE must follow the filing and payment schedules established for Russian legal entities. Although they do not make monthly advance payments, they should pay CIT on a quarterly and annual basis.