Individual - Taxes on personal income

Last reviewed - 08 January 2024

Residents are generally taxed in Turkmenistan on their worldwide income, including in-kind benefits such as meals, housing, relocation, etc.

Non-residents are taxed in Turkmenistan only on their income derived from Turkmenistan sources (e.g. from their activities performed in Turkmenistan).

Personal income tax (PIT) is generally levied by withholding at source when the payment is made by withholding agents (i.e. resident legal entities, individual entrepreneurs, and permanent establishments [PEs] of non-resident legal entities). This does not apply to business income of individual entrepreneurs, who are required to apply the self-assessment procedure.

Personal income tax rates

The general PIT rate is 10%, which applies to employment income, business and professional income, interest, royalties, income from immovable property, and capital gains. The tax is generally withheld at source. In the case of business and professional income, the tax is levied on a self-assessment basis.