Trinidad and Tobago

Corporate - Taxes on corporate income

Last reviewed - 03 August 2021

A Trinidad and Tobago resident corporation is taxed on worldwide income. A non-resident company engaged in business in Trinidad and Tobago is taxed only on income directly or indirectly accruing in or derived from Trinidad and Tobago.

The standard corporation tax rate is 30%, but this varies in the case of certain classes of companies. The current corporation tax rates are as follows:

Type of company Corporation tax rate (%)
Ordinary companies (excluding banks) 30
Petrochemical companies / companies licensed to carry on banking business 35
Life insurance companies 0/15/25/30
Petroleum production companies (petroleum profits tax) 50
Petroleum production companies (deep sea) 35

Business levy

Corporations are subject to a business levy at the rate of 0.6% of gross revenue or receipts where the levy exceeds the corporation tax liability. Exemption is available for certain companies, including petroleum companies and companies whose annual turnover is less than TTD 360,000. The levy is a non-deductible expense for corporation tax purposes.

Green fund levy

A green fund levy of 0.3% on gross income is applicable to companies and partnerships doing business in Trinidad and Tobago. This levy is payable quarterly and is neither a deduction in computing chargeable income nor a credit against corporation tax due.

Unemployment levy

Only petroleum companies remain liable to the unemployment levy, at the rate of 5% of taxable profits. No set-off for prior-year losses is permitted in computing the liability.

Supplementary petroleum tax (SPT)

SPT is chargeable on the gross income (derived from the sale of crude oil) less royalties and overriding royalties paid on the crude oil sold. The tax is computed separately in respect of land and marine operations and is a quarterly tax based on the actual gross income for each quarter.

The SPT is deductible in arriving at profits subject to petroleum profits tax.