Corporate - Taxes on corporate income

Last reviewed - 26 September 2023

Finnish resident companies are subject to Finnish corporate income tax (CIT) on their worldwide income (i.e. unlimited tax liability). Also, Finnish permanent establishments (PEs) of non-resident companies are subject to Finnish CIT on their worldwide income attributable to the PE.

The CIT rate is 20%.

Public service broadcasting tax

Public service broadcasting tax (Yleisradio or YLE tax) for companies and organisations is based on the taxable income for a fiscal year. The tax amounts to 140 euros (EUR) per year if the taxable income of the organisation is at least EUR 50,000. For organisations with taxable income exceeding EUR 50,000, the tax is levied at EUR 140 plus 0.35% of the taxable income exceeding EUR 50,000. The maximum of the annual tax is EUR 3,000, which will be payable by organisations with taxable income of EUR 867,142 or more.

YLE tax is deductible in the taxation of income of a company.

Local income taxes

No municipal or local income taxes are levied in Finland on the income of a company.