Corporate - Withholding taxes

Last reviewed - 08 December 2021

Under the tax law, the amount due from any residing taxpayers to a non-resident, whether the payment is made in cash or credited to the account, is subject to withholding tax (WHT) at the rate of 15% if such amounts are related to interest on debentures, mortgages, loans, deposits and advances, as well as annual allowances, pension salaries, or other yearly payments.

The WHT rate in cases where a resident is making a payment for interest to resident is 1.8% to 10%.

Dividends are not subject to WHT since dividends paid out of profits that have been subject to tax are not taxed again in the hands of the shareholder.

Additionally, industries/activities (non-upstream) contracted with oil and gas companies are subject to WHT on all payments at a rate of 3.3% or 7%.