Individual - Taxes on personal income

Last reviewed - 20 July 2022

Resident individuals are subject to Mexican income tax on their worldwide income, regardless of their nationality. Non-residents, including Mexican citizens who can prove residence for tax purposes in a foreign country, are taxed only on their Mexican-source income.

Personal income tax rates

The following tax rates are effective for resident individuals for calendar year 2022:

Taxable income (MXN) Basic tax
Over Not over Tax on column 1 (MXN) Tax on excess (%)
0.01 7,735.00 0 1.92
7,735.01 65,651.07 148.51 6.40
65,651.08 115,375.90 3,855.14 10.88
115,375.91 134,119.41 9,265.20 16.00
134,119.42 160,577.65 12,264.16 17.92
160,577.66 323,862.00 17,005.47 21.36
323,862.01 510,451.00 51,883.01 23.52
510,451.01 974,535.03 95,768.74 30.00
974,535.04 1,299,380.04 234,993.95 32.00
1,299,380.05 3,898,140.12 338,944.34 34.00
3,898,140.13 and above 1,222,522.76 35.00

If the employee is considered a non-resident for Mexican tax purposes, the tax rate applicable to compensation will vary from 15% to 30%. The first MXN 125,900 of employment income received in a 12-month floating period will be tax exempt.

The following tax table is applicable to income tax with respect to income earned by non-residents for the calendar year 2022:

Taxable income (MXN) Tax rate (%)
Over Not over
0 125,900 Exempt
125,900 1,000,000 15
1,000,000 and above 30

Non-residents are subject to withholding taxes (WHTs) on Mexican-source interest income at rates varying from 0% to 35%, depending on several factors. Non-residents are subject to Mexican tax on gains arising from sales of real property located in Mexico (including shares of foreign companies holding a significant amount of Mexican real property) as well as the sale of shares of Mexican companies. Generally, when a capital gain is subject to tax, the non-resident investor can elect to pay either a flat rate of 25% of the gross proceeds or 35% of the net gain. Sales of shares in the Mexican stock exchange are subject to a flat 10% tax withholding on the profit from said transaction.

Other types of Mexican-source income (including rents and royalties) are also subject to WHTs when paid to a non-resident. In the case of dividends and other corporate distributions from Mexican companies, since 2014, there is a 10% tax withholding on the dividends from corporate profits generated after 2013.