Corporate - Corporate residence

Last reviewed - 24 July 2021

Corporate residence is determined on the basis of a company’s place of incorporation or effective management. Thus, all companies with headquarters or effective management in Mozambique are considered tax residents and are liable for CIT on their worldwide income.

Permanent establishment (PE)

Under the relevant internal legislation, a non-resident entity is deemed to have a PE in Mozambique whenever any of the following circumstances exists:

  • It has premises or other fixed places of business through which industrial, trading, agricultural, rendering of services, or similar activities are totally or partially carried out.
  • It has an office, branch, plant, workshop, mines, quarries, oil or natural gas wells, or other places of extraction of natural resources.
  • It has a construction, installation, or assembly site when the duration of works exceed six months, including the activities of coordination, inspection, and supervision connected to these sites.
  • It has persons or hired personnel, acting and dealing in Mozambique, who are not independent agents in the terms of the law but rather acting on behalf of the company with legal capacity to conclude contracts on its behalf and its name within the scope of the company’s activities.