Corporate - Branch income

Last reviewed - 28 February 2024

Branch income that is received or has accrued from a source within, or deemed to be within, Zimbabwe is taxable in Zimbabwe in terms of the normal corporate tax rules.

A branch is regarded as an extension of its foreign head office. A branch may therefore not deduct fees paid to its foreign head office (unless a tax treaty makes provision for such deduction) as it is argued that a branch cannot transact with itself. Reimbursement of actual expenses may, however, be deducted, subject to the normal deduction rules.

A 15% WHT is imposed on any payments made in respect of head office charges.

The amount of fees charged by the head office to the Zimbabwe branch is also subject to a limitation, usually based on a maximum of 1% of total expenditure (excluding the charge itself and any capital allowances). Exchange control regulations also limit the remittability of administration and management fees to 2% of turnover.