Corporate - Other taxes

Last reviewed - 08 June 2021

Value-added tax (VAT)

VAT is applied on the supply of goods or services in Algeria. It includes all economic activities conducted in Algeria. The standard VAT rate is 19%. The reduced rate is 9%, applying to various basic items listed by law.

Monthly VAT returns and payments are due by the 20th of the following month.

Customs duties

Algerian imports are subject to payment of customs duties in the following increments: duty-free, 5%, 15%, 30%, or 60%.

A list of banned equipment for importation has been published in January 2018.

In July 2018,  another measure has been introduced by the complementary finance law for 2018 to discourage importing certain goods.For this purpose, an Additional  provisional safeguard Right (Droit Additionnel Provisiore de Sauvergarde/DAPS) has been set up on a limited list of imported goods.DAPS rates range from 30% to 200%.

Specific customs exemptions and temporary admission regimes are granted to the oil and gas sector and to investments under the incentives tax regime of the National Agency of Investment (ANDI in French).

Excise taxes

All tobacco products are subject to excise tax.

Property taxes

An annual property tax is levied on real estates in Algeria. Rates depend on the location of real estate.

Wealth tax

Wealth tax is calculated as follows:

Value of the holdings (DZD) Rate (%)
Less than 100,000,000 0
100,000,001 to 150,000,000 0.15
150,000,001 to 250,000,000 0.25
250,000,001 to 350,000,000 0.35
350,000,001 to 450,000,000 0.5
More than 450,000,000 1

Transfer taxes

A transfer tax is applicable to land, buildings, and ongoing business at a rate of 5% for registration fees, plus 1% tax applicable for publication formalities of land and building transfer of ownership. Additionally, registration duties are due on the transfer of shares or movable assets and on the merger, demerger, increase, or decrease of the share capital of existing companies.

Stamp taxes

Stamp duty is levied at varying rates on transactions, including the execution of various documents and deeds.

Payroll taxes

PIT is withheld on salary and assimilated income (minus employee social security contributions) by applying the progressive scale rates (with a maximum rate of 35%). Additionally, training tax and apprenticeship tax are each levied at the rate of 1% of the payroll cost.

Social security contributions

Social security contributions are levied at the rate of 35% on the gross salary (26% borne by the employer and 9% borne by the employee).

Bank domiciliation tax

A 4% tax (Taxe de domiciliation bancaire) applies on the importation of services.

This tax is reduced to 0.5% for the importation of goods or merchandise, without the amount of the tax being less than DZD 20,000.

Pollution tax

Assets that may cause environmental damage are subject to a pollution tax.