Individual - Other taxes

Last reviewed - 01 June 2022

Social security contributions

It is the employer’s obligation to contribute 26% of the employee gross salary (employer contribution) and 9% of gross salary (employee contribution). The social security contributions cover retirement, illness, unemployment, and work accidents.

Capital gains taxes

Capital gains are taxed at 15% for residents and 20% for non-residents.

Consumption taxes

Value-added tax (VAT) at 19%, 9%, or 0% is paid by the individual as final consumer.

Net wealth/worth taxes

Wealth tax for residents is assessed on a worldwide basis and applies to property with a net taxable value higher than DZD 100 million on 1 January of the corresponding tax year. Wealth tax applies, for example, to peculiar real estates, motor vehicles, racehorses, or arts. Where an individual has paid a similar tax on non-Algerian assets, it may be deducted from the tax due in Algeria. Non-residents are subject to wealth tax with respect to property deemed or actually located in Algeria.

Inheritance, estate, and gift taxes

Inheritance and gifts are taxed at 5% on net value and gross value, respectively.