Corporate - Deductions

Last reviewed - 20 March 2024

The law generally allows deductions for all costs associated with taxable activities in Bahrain, such as the cost of production, refinement, remuneration of employees associated with these taxable activities (including social insurance and pensions paid for the benefit of these employees), and other operational losses.

All reasonable and justifiable costs of production and exploration of products sold during the current taxable year are deductible for tax purposes, provided that these expenses have not been deducted elsewhere in calculating net taxable income.

Depreciation and depletion

Tax deductions may be claimed with respect to reasonable amounts for depreciation, obsolescence, exhaustion, and depletion incurred during the taxable year for properties used by the taxpayer in a trade or business from which income, taxable under the income tax law, is derived. Generally, such amounts may be claimed on a straight-line basis over the estimated remaining useful life of the properties, unless otherwise approved by the Minister of Finance.


All taxes and duties not imposed by the Bahrain income tax law, including customs duties, may be deducted from taxable income as stipulated in Bahrain's income tax law.

Net operating losses

Unutilised losses may be carried forward and deducted up to an amount equivalent to the net income in future years as defined by the Bahrain income tax law. Carryback of losses is not permitted.

Payments to foreign affiliates

There are no specific restrictions in the income tax law pertaining to payments made to foreign affiliates.