Individual - Income determination

Last reviewed - 17 January 2024

Employment income

An employee is taxed on salaries, bonuses (except Christmas bonus), living allowances, housing allowances, tax reimbursements, benefits in kind, and any other form of income/compensation earned as an employee for work carried out in Bolivia. 

Capital gains

Capital gains are not subject to tax. However, note that RC-IVA taxes income obtained by individuals as a result of either the investment of their capital or the work carried out, or the combination of both.

Investment income

Investment income from a Bolivian source (except dividends paid to individuals by domestic corporations) is taxed as ordinary income with RC-IVA. Investment income obtained abroad by individuals is not taxed in Bolivia. Interest, dividends, etc., earned in Bolivia by non-residents are subject to a withholding tax (WHT) of 12.5% when such income is remitted or credited to a personal account.