Corporate - Significant developments

Last reviewed - 05 February 2023

The significant developments that occurred in 2022 are mainly:

  • Tax amnesty. Taxpayers who spontaneously regularise the taxes, duties, and fees that were due before 1 January 2022 are exempted from penalties, fines, and interests for late payments as well as from tax reminders.
  • Requirement for all taxpayers to have their tax identification number mentioned in all their documents.
  • Business tax exemption for new business. Under some conditions, companies subject to the real taxation regime are exempt from business tax during their first year.
  • Abolition of the value-added tax (VAT) exemption on the provisioning of aircraft to foreign destinations.
  • Application of the 0% VAT rate on Jet A 1 refuelling operations for aircraft with a foreign destination and products and sub-products of local agri-food industry (excluding alcohol).
  • VAT exemption for interests on bonds subscribed by non-professionals of the financial sector.
  • Reduced taxation rate (9%) for textiles and concrete reinforcing bars.
  • Tax on transfer of funds. All transfers of funds carried out by any means or technical recorded support, except for bank transfers and transfers for tax payments.
  • Mandatory electronic tax filing for taxpayers.
  • Introduction of a certificate of no tax liability.
  • New tax incentives for investments at least 100 million Central African CFA francs (XAF) in the inland regions.
  • Establishment of a system of tax reduction for an investment at least XAF 250 million in some sectors (industry, tourism, energy, water, information and communication technologies, sports, transport).