Individual - Significant developments

Last reviewed - 01 July 2021

Proposed tax reforms

Introduction of new National Housing Development Levy

Kenya is in the process of introducing a National Housing Development Fund (NHDF). Employers and employees will each be required to contribute 1.5% of the employee’s monthly basic salary to the fund, but the combined contribution is capped at 5,000 Kenyan shillings (KES) per month. The NHDF is not yet operational, as contributions will only be made once certain regulations are in place. However, the High Court suspended implementation of the 1.5% NHDF contribution via interim orders until the petition is heard and determined.

Exemption for individuals registered under the Ajira Digital Program

The Finance Act, 2019 has introduced an exemption for individuals who are registered under the Ajira Digital Program from income tax for three years beginning 1 January 2020.