Individual - Tax administration

Last reviewed - 09 June 2024

Taxable period

The tax returns are filed on a calendar-year basis.

Tax returns

Returns must be filed annually, normally by mid to end of April of the year following the respective tax year. An exemption might be granted upon a written request to the communal tax authorities. For an extension period of more than one month, a prepayment of 80% of the previous year's taxes is required. The maximum extension period is five months.

Employees must enclose a certificate of remuneration issued by their employers.

Payment of tax

The tax liability is definitive when the tax assessment has been delivered. Taxable persons can either pay the taxes within 30 days or make an objection against the tax assessment.

Employers need to deduct a withholding tax (WHT) from the salary of their employees. As of 2019, employees may also be required to pay WHT if certain conditions are met. Employees do not need to pay a provisional tax bill.

The income tax of self-employed persons (as well as of legal entities) needs to be paid provisionally, based on the taxable income of the last tax return. Provisionally paid taxes are credited to the definite tax due.