Individual - Taxes on personal income

In principle, tax is levied on the resident taxpayer’s worldwide earned income and net wealth. However, there are important items that are exempt from income tax, as described in other sections.

Individuals without permanent or habitual residence within Liechtenstein can be subject to Liechtenstein income taxes only with respect to income from certain Liechtenstein sources. Important examples are:

  • Permanent establishments (PEs).
  • Real estate.
  • Income from employed or self-employed activity.
  • Attendance fees.
  • Rental income.

National tax

National tax rate Single person’s income (CHF*) Deduction from result (CHF) Single parent’s income (CHF) Deduction from result (CHF) Married couple’s income (CHF) Deduction from result (CHF)
Personal exemption 15,000   22,500   30,000  
1% up to 20,000 150 30,000 225 40,000 300
3% up to 40,000 550 60,000 825 80,000 1,100
4% up to 70,000 950 105,000 1,425 140,000 1,900
5% up to 100,000 1,650 150,000 2,475 200,000 3,300
6% up to 130,000 2,650 195,000 3,975 260,000 5,300
6.5% up to 160,000 3,300 240,000 4,950 320,000 6,600
7% up to 200,000 4,100 300,000 6,150 400,000 8,200
8% above 200,000 6,100 300,000 9,150 400,000 12,200

* Swiss francs

Communal tax

Communal tax is a surcharge on the national income tax due. Communities levy a surcharge of between 150% and 250%. The surcharges are fixed annually by the local governments. Consequently, the tax rate consists of the national tax rate combined with the surcharges, which results in tax rates from 2.5% to 22.4%.

For individuals with a limited tax liability who are ordinary tax-assessed, a general municipal multiplier of 200% will be applied.

Lump sum taxation (tax based on expenditure)

In the case of persons who, for the first time or after at least ten years away from the country, take up residence or habitual abode in Liechtenstein, are not Liechtenstein citizens, do not work in Liechtenstein, and finance their costs of living through the income from their wealth or other funds received from abroad, a tax based on expenditure may, upon application, be levied in lieu of the wealth tax and income tax. Real estate situated in Liechtenstein is subject to the wealth tax.