Corporate - Significant developments

Last reviewed - 04 February 2020

Change of taxation of revenues sourced from public market

Revenues sourced from public market must be registered and managed separately from revenues sources from other activities. Revenues sources from public market are subject to Tax on public markets at at rate of 8%.

Change of taxation of revenues of educational and health professionals

Educational and health professionals duly agreed are subject to CIT at a rate of 10% with a minimum tax of MGA 100.000 plus 1/1000 of annual turnover.

Collection of advance payment on CIT on import and export operations by customs services

Advance payment on CIT at a rate of 2% of the value of imported or exported goods is collected by the customs services.

Withholding taxes (WHTs)

Dividends paid to foreign shareholders are subject to WHT of 10%.


Taxpayers having annual revenue of more than MGA 200 millions must file annual financial statements online.

New tools have been put in place on the web site E-HETRA for payment by mobile phone or online payment.