Individual - Taxes on personal income

Last reviewed - 23 February 2023

Individuals, irrespective of nationality, deriving income from sources within Mauritius are subject to Mauritian income tax on all such income, whether or not they are resident.

Resident individuals are subject to Mauritian income tax on their worldwide income from all sources. However, income derived from outside Mauritius is taxable only to the extent that it is received in Mauritius.

Income from employment duties performed in Mauritius is deemed to have been derived from Mauritius, even if the related remuneration is received outside Mauritius.

Personal income tax rates

As of 1 July 2018, the tax rate of 15% was reduced to 10% on annual net income derived by an individual of up to 650,000 Mauritian rupees (MUR). As of 1 July 2022, the rate of 10% is now applicable to annual net income not exceeding MUR 700,000. An individual deriving annual net income between MUR 700,000 and MUR 975,000 will now be taxed at 12.5%. Net income derived above MUR 975,000 will be taxed at 15%.

Local taxes on income

There are no local taxes on income in Mauritius.