Individual - Income determination

Last reviewed - 14 February 2024

Employment income and the following non-employment income are taxable for PIT purposes:

  • Business income.
  • Income from a profession.
  • Capital gains.
  • Other income from investments.

Employment income

The definition of taxable employment income is broad and includes salaries, wages, annuities, bonuses, awards, and any fees or commissions received in lieu of or in addition to any salary and wages received or receivable by one from one's employer.

Business income

Business income includes income from movable properties, royalties, and interest.

Income from a profession is defined as income from the rendering of a service with one’s skill for fees and includes services rendered by doctors, nurses, lawyers, engineers, architects, film stars, theatrical artists, writers, painters, sculptors, accountants, auditors, astrologers, and teachers.

Capital gains

Income from capital gains is assessed separately. See Capital gains tax in the Other taxes section for details.

Dividend income

Myanmar has a one-tier corporate tax system, under which share of profits received by a Myanmar taxpayer from an association of persons (i.e. partnerships, joint ventures, companies, etc.) are exempted from income tax.

Exempt income

No tax is payable on non-employment income of not more than MMK 4.8 million and on capital gains if the sales proceeds are not more than MMK 10 million.