Palestinian territories

Individual - Income determination

Last reviewed - 25 January 2024

Any taxable income from any source for any person is subject to the standard income tax rates.

Exempt income

  • Any amount paid as compensation to injury or death, according to legislation in force.
  • Severance payments that are paid according to the legislation in force and not exceeding one month for each year.
  • Pension payments.
  • Travel mission or representation allowance that is paid to public or private sector employees, provided that it is spent for the purposes of the job.
  • Income from a job or service earned by blind or disabled persons with at least 50% disability according to the report of the competent medical committee.
  • Additional amounts that are paid as allowances or bonuses for Palestinians while working abroad in diplomatic or consular corps. This exemption does not include cost of living allowance.
  • Salaries and allowances paid by the United Nations (UN) from its budget to its staff and employees.
  • The wages of non-Palestinians staff of the diplomatic or consular corps who represent other countries in Palestine subject to reciprocal treatment.
  • The profits from stocks and dividends distributed by a resident person.
  • A person’s income earned abroad unless originating from the taxpayer’s funds or deposits in Palestine.
  • Inheritance, except that revenues generated from inherited properties hereafter shall not be exempt.