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Individual - Sample personal income tax calculation

Last reviewed - 15 January 2024

Below is a sample calculation of the annual IIT liability on comprehensive income derived by a resident individual for the year 2023 (for illustrative purpose).


  • The individual derives employment income of CNY 35,000 per month and one-off remuneration for labour services in the amount of CNY 50,000.
  • The individual makes monthly contribution of CNY 5,000 to China statutory social security and housing fund (i.e. specific deductions).
  • The individual claims the following specific additional deductions for the whole year:
    • Child education for one qualified child.
    • Mortgage interest.
Calculation of annual IIT on comprehensive income CNY CNY
Employment income 420,000
Remuneration for labour services 50,000
Less: 20% of gross remuneration for labour services (10,000)
Total comprehensive income 460,000
Less: Personal deductions
Standard basic deduction (60,000)
Specific deductions (60,000)
Specific additional deductions (36,000) (156,000)
Taxable comprehensive income 304,000
Applicable tax rate @ 25% 76,000
Less: Quick deduction (31,920)
Tax on comprehensive income 44,080