Puerto Rico

Corporate - Withholding taxes

Last reviewed - 10 November 2023

Corporations not engaged in a trade or business in Puerto Rico are subject to a 29% WHT at source on certain gross income items (considered fixed or determinable, annual or periodical [FDAP]) from Puerto Rico sources.

FDAP income may include interest received from a related person, rents, royalties, salaries, annuities, compensation, remuneration, and net capital gains. However, if the payment received is from dividends, a 10% WHT should apply.

The payer, as a withholding agent, is responsible for the withholding and remittance of the 29% (10% in the case of dividends) to the PRTD. Such tax is due on or before the 15th day of the month following the receipt of the income by the non-resident corporation. An annual informative return is also required to be filed no later than 15 April of the following year.

Tax treaties

There are no tax treaties between foreign countries and Puerto Rico.