Slovak Republic

Individual - Significant developments

Last reviewed - 28 November 2023

Within 2023, some amendments on the taxation of the natural persons were adopted:

  • From 1 August 2023, the controlled foreign company (CFC) rules for natural persons, which were introduced from 1 January 2023, are cancelled. Under the transitional provisions, the related tax liability incurred under the CFC rules effective till 31 July 2023 ceases on 1 August 2023. If the tax is already paid, it is treated as a tax overpayment.
  • From 1 January 2024, natural persons will be able to include income from virtual currency transactions after one year from acquisition in the special tax base, which will be subject to a tax rate of 7%.
  • From 1 January 2024, income from the sale of shares in a joint stock company not listed on a regulated market or on a similar foreign regulated market will be exempt from tax for natural persons if held more than three years from their acquisition. The new rules should apply to any shares bought before or after 1 January 2024.

Note that the tax legislation in the Slovak Republic (Slovakia) is subject to frequent amendments and new official interpretations; consequently, it is advisable to contact PwC Slovakia for up-to-date information.