Corporate - Branch income

Last reviewed - 02 January 2024

The income tax liability of a person with a PE in Tanzania is calculated as if the person and the PE are independent but as if the PE is resident in Tanzania. The income of the PE is taxed at the normal income tax rate for entities, namely 30% on net income or 5% of turnover for technical and management service providers to mining, oil, and gas entities.

The PE is also subject to a tax on 'repatriated income', which applies at a rate of 10% (the same rate as a company would withhold on dividends).

In certain circumstances, business activities of the head office may be attributed to the branch. Arrangements between a PE and head office generally are not recognised, other than the transfer of an asset or liability between the two. Amounts derived (or payments received) and expenditures incurred (or payments made) that relate to assets held by, or liabilities owed by, the business of the PE are attributed to the PE.