Individual - Significant developments

Last reviewed - 07 June 2023

Finance Law 2023

The tax significant changes for individuals implemented by the Finance Law 2023 are the following: 

Immovable property wealth tax

The Finance Law 2023 provides a new category of tax, called ’immovable property wealth tax‘, that applies only to individuals who own, on 1 January of the fiscal year, real estate with net value equal to or exceeding 3 million Tunisian dinars (TND), subject to double tax treaties (DTTs).

Taxable assets include all types of built and non-built real estate, except for the main residence of the taxpayer and real estate used for professional activities. The tax applies to assets located in Tunisia, notwithstanding the tax residence country of the taxpayer, and located in Tunisia and abroad for individuals tax resident in Tunisia.

The tax rate is 0.5% and is based on the value of the real estate and social rights in real estate civil companies, after deducting outstanding related debts.

Social solidarity contribution (SSC)

The SSC rate was decreased from 1% to 0.5% for the periods of fiscal year (FY) 23 to FY25. The said decrease shall apply for the salaries (including any taxable fringe benefits) paid as of 1 January 2023.

The said decrease is provided only for the years FY23 to FY25. Subject to further changes in the coming years, the withholding tax (WHT) rate on SSC due as of 1 January 2026 shall be 1%.