Individual - Taxes on personal income

Last reviewed - 04 December 2023

A non-resident taxpayer of Mongolia is subject to a flat tax rate of 20% on income earned in or sourced from Mongolia.

Annual taxable income from salaries, wages, similar employment income, and indirect income will be taxed at the following progressive rates:

Annual taxable income (MNT) Applicable tax rate (%)
Residents Non-residents
0 to 120 million
(0 to 10 million per month)
10 20
120 million to 180 million
(10 million to 15 million per month)
MNT 12 million plus 15% on income
exceeding MNT 120 million
More than 180 million
(more than 15 million per month)
MNT 21 million plus 20% on income
exceeding MNT 180 million

Other sources of income Applicable tax rate (%)
Residents Non-residents
Income from property (i.e. dividends, royalties, interest, capital gain from sale of securities/stocks) 10 20
Sale of immovable property (gross) 2 20
Income from scientific, literary, and artistic works, inventions, product designs, and useful designs (gross); income from sports competitions, art performances, and similar income (gross) 5 20
Income from betting games, gambling, and lotteries (gross) 40 20