Individual - Taxes on personal income

Last reviewed - 09 June 2022

A permanent resident taxpayer of Mongolia is subject to tax on worldwide income.

A non-resident taxpayer of Mongolia is subject to tax on the income earned in the territory of Mongolia during the tax year.

Personal income tax rates

The current PIT rates are as follows: 

Sources of income Applicable tax rate (%)
Residents Non-residents
Salary income 10 20
Income from property (i.e. dividends, royalties, interest, capital gain from sale of securities/stocks) 10 20
Sale of immovable property (gross) 2 20
Income from scientific, literary, and artistic works, inventions, product designs, and useful designs (gross); income from sports competitions, art performances, and similar income (gross) 5 20
Income from betting games, gambling, and lotteries (gross) 40 20