Uzbekistan, Republic of

Individual - Other taxes

Last reviewed - 31 October 2019

Unified social payment (USP)

There is a USP charged on gross payroll of local and foreign employees and payable by the employers. The rate of USP is 12% as of 1 January 2019 (25% USP will remain payable by state organisations, legal entities with state participation of at least 50%, as well as legal entities where at least 50% belongs to the latter). The minimum monthly amount of the USP was abolished.

Contribution to Non-Budget Pension Fund (PFС)

The PFC, previously charged at 8%, is abolished as of 1 January 2019.

Consumption taxes

The standard value-added tax (VAT) rate is 20%. This tax is applicable to the sales value of products, works, and services. Exports of goods are taxed at 0%. There is a list of goods, works, and services exempt from VAT (e.g. certain education, transportation, medical, financial, insurance services, import by individuals within norms).

Net wealth/worth taxes

There are no net wealth/worth taxes in Uzbekistan.

Inheritance, estate, and gift taxes

There are no inheritance, estate, and gift taxes in Uzbekistan. However, PIT may be payable by individuals receiving property by way of gifts, depending on the type of the property and its source.

Property taxes

Property tax

Property tax is imposed on property located in Uzbekistan and owned by Uzbek or foreign individuals. The tax applies to houses, apartments, cottages, garages, and other constructions on the territory of Uzbekistan. Tax is levied at the rate of 0.2% to 0.35% of the value of the property depending on type of property, its location, and acreage.

Land tax

Individuals owning or using land in Uzbekistan are subject to land tax. Rates of tax vary depending on the location and the quality of the land.

Contributions to Road Fund

For acquisition of cars, contributions to the Road Fund are established as the higher of:

  • 3% of the acquisition price for new cars, or
  • from 5% to 16% of MMW per each horse power, depending on service life, for used cars and vehicles.

Luxury and excise taxes

Excise taxes are included in the price of locally produced cars, vegetable oil, tobacco, alcohol, jewelleries, silver cutlery, and precious metals.

Excise tax is charged on customs value of the goods imported in the Republic of Uzbekistan, including fruit/vegetable juices (except for pineapple and citrus), mineral water, air conditioners, oil and oil products, vehicles and their spare parts, and furniture.

The rates are widely variable for each type of excisable goods.