Corporate - Significant developments

Last reviewed - 05 February 2024

On 21 July 2023 the Austrian Tax Amendment Act 2023 (`Abgabenänderungsgesetz 2023´) was published in the Federal Law Gazette, which includes multiple reforms, e.g.:

  • Implementation of the EU Mobility Directive in the Austrian Reorganisation Tax Act 
  • Attribution of dividends from quoted shares
  • Digital WHT exemption declaration
  • Clarifications on the taxation of cryptocurrencies
  • Significant changes to VAT with regard to the VAT liability invoiced incorrectly and ECJ case law concerning confiscated goods
  • Significant changes to the Austrian Federal Tax Code (‘Bundesabgabenordnung’), especially automated quota system, electronic submission of advance rulings and video-supported electronic procedure to establish identity
  • New rules in financial criminal law, especially extension of statutory limitation period for particularly serious financial offences, increase of amount for court jurisdiction

The Minimum Tax Act (‘Mindestbesteuerungsgesetz’) was published in the Federal Law Gazette on 30 December 2023. The new regulations to ensure a Global Minimum Tax (Pillar II) entered into force as of 1 January 2024. In scope are large company groups reaching a minimum of EUR 750 million in net sales in at least two of the  last four financial years. The global minimum tax rate of 15% is ensured via the income inclusion rule (IIR) and as of 2025 also via the undertaxed profits rule (UTPR). See Minimum tax (Pillar II) in the Taxes on corporate income section for more information.