El Salvador

Individual - Deductions

Last reviewed - 24 January 2024

Standard deductions

Individuals whose income comes from salaries not exceeding USD 9,100 a year are not required to file a tax return, and are allowed a single deduction of USD 1,600, which is embodied into the withholding rates their income is subject to.

Personal deductions

Salaried individuals whose earned income does exceed USD 9,100 a year may not deduct the single deduction of USD 1,600, but may deduct medical and educational expenses up to USD 800 per item.

Also, these taxpayers may deduct any donations provided to not-for-profit entities, up to 20% of the sum remaining after deducting from their net income of the respective tax period the value of such donations.

Other deductions that may be considered for the taxpayers are the voluntary contributions to the pension fund, which is additional and separate from the one established in the law as obligatory; this would be deductible at up to 10% of monthly income reported to pension fund.

Non-business expenses or costs are not deductible for tax purposes.

Personal allowances

Family allowances are not recognised as deductible expenses for income tax purposes.