Equatorial Guinea

Individual - Other taxes

Last reviewed - 07 May 2024

Social security contributions

The employer part of contributions to the National Institute of Social Security (INSESO for its Spanish acronym) is 21.5%. The employee part is 4.5%.

The employer part of contributions to the Work Protection Fund (WPF) is 1%. The employee part is 0.5%.

Consumptions taxes

Value-added tax (VAT)

VAT is an indirect tax on consumption based on turnover.

The standard VAT rate is 15%.

A rate of 0% is applicable to a specific list of products and equipment provided in the Tax Code (e.g. certain medical products, some equipment for construction).

A reduced rate of 6% is applicable to a limited list of basic consumables and books.

See the Other taxes section in the Corporate summary for more information.