Individual - Income determination

Last reviewed - 22 January 2024

Employment income

Standard valuations apply for various benefits-in-kind and are included in the taxpayer's gross income for tax purposes. These include the following:

Benefit Amount included in annual taxable income
Free housing (paid to a third party by employer) 100% of payments
Personal car used on company business Formula based on business usage
Utilities (telephone, electricity, water, coal, and gas) 100% of payments
Domestic servants (e.g. cooks, maids, gardeners) 100% of payments
Tuition payments 100% of payments

All lump sum payments (e.g. gratuity payments, redundancy payments, provident and pension fund payouts) require the obtaining of a directive from the Commissioner of Taxes before they can be paid out to an employee.

Capital gains

There is no capital gains tax in Eswatini.

Dividend income

A withholding tax (WHT) is payable at a rate of 10% for dividends received.