Corporate - Significant developments

Last reviewed - 16 September 2020

Further to the promulgation of the Financial Act for 2020 and the Amending Financial Act for 2020, the following new tax measures have been introduced:

  • Introduction of the obligation for the Gabonese company to collect and repaid, before the Tax Administration, the amount of the tax due on the capital gain as well as the amount related to the registration fee within one month from its performance, in the context of capital gain realized in the scope of the transfer of social rights of persons whose assets are mainly constituted of such rights or rights held directly or indirectly in a company located in Gabon;
  • The decrease of the deductible cap of the management fees (from 10% to 5%)
  • The introduction of a cap of 5% of the taxable profit before deduction, for the deduction of the fees paid for the use of patents, licenses, trademark, design, manufacturing process and analogous rights;
  • The decrease of the amount of the annual turnover to be realized by taxpayers to XAF 60 million (instead of XAF 150 million) to be liable to the value-added tax (VAT).
  • The institution of a tax withdrawal in cash of an amount equal or superior to XAF 5,000,000 per month except for the withdrawal of salaries;
  • The institution of a tax on the sale and transfer of rights hold on forest concessions and permits (XAF 5,000 per ha);
  • The institution of a tax on renting on forest concessions and permits (XAF 2,500 per ha).
  • The institution of a fee for private occupation of national road heritage.