Corporate - Withholding taxes

Last reviewed - 31 May 2024

Greenland has the following WHTs:

  • Dividends: 36% to 44%, depending on the local municipality (may be reduced by treaty). It should be noted that paid dividends are deductible in the corporate tax base. Dividend WHT is reduced to 24% if chapter 3b is elected.
  • Interest: From 1 January 2023, both accrued and paid interest is subject to 25% WHT if the interest is not subject to minimum 15% taxation at the recipient side (certain exceptions apply reducing the WHT to zero).
  • Royalties: 30% (may be reduced due to treaty reduction).

Treaty rates are as follows:

Recipient WHT (%)
Dividends Interest Royalties
Denmark 35 (zero if chapter 3b)* 0 10
Faroe Islands 35 (5% if chapter 3b)* 0 25
Iceland 35 (5% if chapter 3b)* 0 15
Norway 35 (5% if chapter 3b)* 0 10

* Participation thresholds apply.

Limited international general anti-abuse

Greenland has introduced a limited international general anti-abuse rule whereby a taxpayer will not be granted the advantages of a DTT if it is reasonable to conclude, in light of all relevant circumstances, that granting this advantage is one of the principal aims of the arrangement or transaction, unless it is satisfied that granting the advantage in the concrete circumstances is in accordance with the content and purpose of the provision in question.