Individual - Tax administration

Last reviewed - 09 February 2024

Taxable period

The tax period in Honduras is the 12-month period ended on 31 December.

Tax returns

Only self-employed individuals who receive commissions, fees, royalties, or other forms of income for services rendered and those who receive interest or rental income must file a tax return.

Payment of tax

Employees who receive salaries and other similar or complementary remunerations or benefits must pay a monthly income tax that is withheld by the employer from the monthly payroll.

Statute of limitation

The statute of limitation for legal actions is applicable for both taxpayers in order to challenge and request payment and for the fiscal authority to review, notify, and request payment. Such limitation is established according to the following terms:

  • Four years for those conducting operations in the customs regime and five years for registered taxpayers.
  • Seven years in other cases.

Limitation of actions and powers of the fiscal authority will be interrupted according to the following:

  • Determination of the tax by the fiscal authority counted from the following day the resolution is notified.
  • Notification of the resolution in which the fiscal authority confirms assessment, interests, penalties, or fines in liquid payable amounts, counted from the following day to the resolution’s notification.
  • Legal appeal filed by the taxpayer, counted from the day following the filing of the appeal.
  • Express acknowledgement from the debtor, counted from the day following the acknowledgement.
  • Payment plan agreement granted to taxpayers according to law, counted from the day following the formal agreement.
  • Exercise of the appropriate legal actions, counted from the day following their initiation.

Relapse in the lack of complete or partial payment from the taxpayer, as established in the Tax Code, will be considered as criminal tax fraud.