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Corporate - Tax credits and incentives

Last reviewed - 28 February 2024

Foreign tax credit

Taxes paid abroad are not considered as tax credits unless provided as such by DTTs.

The system of reinvestment relief

This system of reinvestment relief previously provided by the GTC has been cancelled by the 2015 Finance Law.

The private investment tax incentive regime

The private investment tax incentive regime instituted by Law No. 2013/04 of 18 April 2013 applies to investment operations relating to the creation, extension, renewal, refurbishing of assets, and/or the transformation of activities carried out in Cameroon.

The major tax advantages related to the private investment regime in Cameroon are the following:

  • During the installation phase: Tax incentives for a maximum period of five years.
  • During the exploitation phase: Tax incentives for a maximum period of ten years.
  • For the development of existing companies: Tax incentives for a maximum of five years.
  • Possibility of specific advantage for prioritised sectors.

Tax and customs incentives granted to investors consist of exemptions from or reductions of payment of several taxes, duties, and other fees listed.

According to the 2017 Finance Law, conventions and agreements signed by the authorities that provide for customs and tax exemptions and waivers shall, under pain of unenforceability, be subject to prior approval by the Minister in charge of finance.

Individuals or legal entities benefiting from tax and customs incentives contained in the conventions with various administrative authorities and not ratified by the Parliament shall, in accordance with the 2017 Finance Law and within the deadline of two years from the promulgation of the 2018 Finance Law (20 December 2017), negotiate the harmonisation of the provisions of the said conventions with the above-mentioned law on private investment incentives with the Ministry in charge of finance.

The Finance Law for the 2023 financial year enshrines the possibility for the Investment Promotion Agency, on a proposal from the tax and customs administrations, to withdraw from a beneficiary the approval of a tax incentive scheme in the event of non-compliant use.

Incentives applicable to listed companies

Companies whose ordinary shares are listed on the Cameroon Stock Exchange shall be entitled to the following:

  • A reduced CIT rate of 25%.
  • A reduced rate of 1.5% of the down payment and the minimum corporate tax collection.

Companies that issue stocks on the Cameroon Stock Exchange shall be entitled to a reduced CIT rate of 25% (i.e. 27.5% including 10% additional council tax) for a period of three years, with effect from the year of issue.

Specific tax incentives

The following may benefit from specific tax incentives:

  • Transactions on real estate located in areas subject to the official list price.
  • Promotion of youth employment.
  • Members and promoters of approved management centres.
  • Education, vocational training, and health establishments.
  • New investments carried out in economic disaster areas.
  • Companies involved in agriculture, stock breeding, and fisheries.
  • Public establishments promoting local building materials.
  • New beverages produced and packaged exclusively using local raw materials.
  • Expenses for research and innovation.
  • Promotion of the digital economy.