Corporate - Significant developments

Last reviewed - 28 February 2024

Introduction of a new VAT Law, new Property Tax Law, new Excise Duty Law and an amendment to the Income Tax Law (ITL) in September 2023 has come up with the below significant changes to mention a few:

  • Reduction of the corporate income tax (CIT) rate from 30% to 28%.
  • Inclusion of online supplies within the scope of taxable goods and services for VAT
  • Sale of business assets for going concern is exempt from VAT provided that the the transferring entity is engaged in supplying or providing exempted goods or services
  • Goods falling under the exemption umbrella for VAT attain a zero-rated status upon export.
  • Locally assembled electric automotive vehicles, hybrid automotive vehicles, pertinent batteries, and their electric charging station equipment are zero-rated for VAT purposes.
  • Introduction of tax on sale of immovable property for commercial use applicable on its sale value in excess of RWF 5m at the rate of 2% or 2.5% depending whether a seller is registered for income tax or not.