Individual - Other tax credits and incentives

Last reviewed - 01 April 2024

Hiring incentives

The following tax incentives are available for hiring new employees who fulfil certain conditions:

  • For salaries paid to newly settled experts hired for an indefinite period, who have specific expertise not available on the domestic labour market, employers can benefit from a 70% reduction in PIT and contribution base reduction over a period of five years (under certain conditions).
  • Founders of a newly established company performing an innovative activity, who are also employed with the company, can benefit from an exemption from PIT and social security contributions applicable on their salaries (up to the prescribed thresholds) during a 36-month period from the establishment of the company.
  • An employer who employs a newly qualified employee is entitled to a partial exemption from PIT and contributions for mandatory pension and disability insurance, for salaries paid up to 31 December 2023.

Additional deductions

For taxpayers who are up to 40-years old by the last day of the calendar year for which the annual PIT is to be determined, an additional deduction of three times the average annual salaries, as published by the republic agency in charge of statistics, will be applicable on the annual taxable base after the annual non-taxable threshold.