Individual - Tax administration

Last reviewed - 12 June 2024

Tax returns

For each source of income taxable by the personal income tax (see the Income determination section for more information), the tax law stipulates specific deadlines and methods for filing tax returns.

Tax returns are submitted electronically.

Employment Income

The employer is obligated to calculate, submit tax return and pay the personal income tax as well as the accompanying social security contributions on behalf of the taxpayer when disbursing each individual salary.

Offshore income

The deadline for submission of tax returns for offshore income is 30 days following the receipt of the income.

Supplementary annual taxation

An individual shall pay annual PIT if one’s income in a calendar year was higher than three times the average annual wage/salary per employee paid out in the Republic of Serbia in the year for which the tax is being charged, as published by the republic agency in charge of statistics.

Annual tax return is generated in the tax authority system by 1 April of the current year for the previous tax year period. The deadline for the taxpayer to check and amend the tax return in the tax authority system is 15 May of the current year.