Corporate - Tax administration

Last reviewed - 12 March 2024

Taxable period

The fiscal year closing date may be chosen by the company. However, certain sectors or industries have mandatory closing dates.

Tax returns

CIT and NWT are self-assessed, and their tax returns are filed by the end of the fourth month following the date of the year-end.

Payment of tax

Income and capital taxes are paid monthly by way of advanced payments, which are calculated on the basis of the previous year’s tax. The difference between the advanced tax payments and the total annual tax calculated at fiscal year-end is paid by the end of the fourth month after the fiscal year-end.

Tax audit process

The taxpayer has the right to appeal an Administrative Act to the Tax Office (DGI) and, simultaneously, to the Executive Branch in an administrative process. Both appeals must be filed jointly within ten days from the notification of the administrative act. If both appeals are tacitly (not expressly resolved within a period of 150 days) or expressly rejected, the taxpayer has the right to appeal to a special court through a judicial proceeding.

Statute of limitations

The statute of limitations in Uruguay is five years, which can be extended to ten years in the case of: (i) tax fraud, (ii) not complying with Tax Office registration, (iii) lack of communication of a taxable event, or (iv) not submitting a tax return (among other cases).