Individual - Deductions

Last reviewed - 28 July 2022

Personal deductions

Social, health, and unemployment insurance contributions

Mandatory employee SI, HI, and UI contributions are deductible for PIT purposes. Contributions to local voluntary pension schemes are deductible (subject to a cap). Contributions to mandatory overseas social and health insurance schemes can also be deducted.

Charitable contributions

Contributions to certain approved charities can be deducted.

Personal allowances

Effective from 1 January 2020, personal allowances are allowed as follows:

  • Personal allowance: VND 11 million per month. All tax resident individuals are automatically entitled to this allowance.
  • Dependant allowance: VND 4.4 million per dependant per month. The dependant allowance is not automatically granted, and the taxpayer needs to register qualifying dependants and provide supporting documents to the tax authority.