Czech Republic

Individual - Other tax credits and incentives

Last reviewed - 08 July 2021

The following annual tax credits may be available to individual taxpayers for 2021:

  • General personal tax credit: CZK 27,840 (CZK 24,840 for 2020).
  • Dependent spouse tax credit: CZK 24,840 if the spouse lives with the taxpayer and does not have income in excess of CZK 68,000.
  • Child tax credit: CZK 15,204 for the first, CZK 19,404* for the second, and CZK 24,204* for the third and other following dependent child (under certain conditions). If the total tax is lower than the respective child credit, the taxpayer will receive a special tax bonus equal to the difference between the child allowances and one’s tax liability. Until 2020, the maximum amount of tax bonus was CZK 60,300 per year. As of 2021, this limitation was abolished.
  • Deduction for placement of child in a pre-school facility: Actual provable expenses up to the annual limit of CZK 15,200 (CZK 14,600 for 2020).
  • Disability tax credit: CZK 2,520, CZK 5,040, or CZK 16,140 (depending on the severity of disability).
  • Student tax credit: CZK 4,020 (for regular students up to 26 years old and university-level doctoral students up to 28 years old).

* Currently, there is a pending law change proposal concerning increase of child tax deduction for the second child to CZK 22,320 and third and other following child to CZK 27,840 that should apply already for the year 2021.