Dominican Republic

Individual - Taxes on personal income

Last reviewed - 17 July 2024

The Dominican Republic follows a territorial concept for the determination of taxable income. Dominican-source income is subject to tax, while foreign-source income is generally not. However, residents are subject to taxation on foreign investments and financial gains. In the case of individuals who become residents, this foreign-source income is taxed only after the third year.

Personal income tax rates

Individuals pay tax on income in excess of 416,220 Dominican pesos (DOP). Personal income is taxed at the following rates (the scale is based on annual income):

Taxable income (DOP) Tax on column 1 (DOP) Tax on excess (%)
Over (column 1) Not over
0 416,220 0 0
416,220 624,329 0 15
624,329 867,123 31,216 20
867,123 and above 79,776 25

Local income taxes

There are no other taxes payable on income in the Dominican Republic.