Individual - Income determination

Last reviewed - 21 December 2020

Employment income

Greek tax residents are taxed on their worldwide income irrespective of the country where such income has been generated, paid, or remitted.

Non-resident aliens are taxed on salary earned for work performed in Greece, regardless of where payment is made and regardless of where it is remitted. They are not taxed to the extent their compensation relates to services performed outside of Greece.

All fringe benefits are normally considered taxable income for the employee and hence treated as such.

Board of Directors fees/remunerations paid to Board Members are considered as salaried income and are taxed based on the respective income tax scale for salaried services.

Notional income

The cost of acquiring or maintaining certain assets (e.g. ownership or occupation of residence, purchase or occupation of private cars, recreation boats, construction/use/ownership of houses or swimming pools, tuition/private school fees, housekeepers [exceeding two]) give rise to deemed income, which forms the basis of taxation if this is higher than the actual declared income.

Business income

The separate taxation of income from freelancers and sole proprietorships is abolished (see the Taxes on personal income section). Instead, a unified tax scale applicable to employment income, pensions, and business profits is introduced.

Capital gains

Transfer of non-listed shares is subject to capital gain tax at the rate of 15%. Transfer of listed shares is again taxed at 15% unless specific conditions/exemptions apply.

A transfer duty of 2‰ is imposed on the gross sale proceeds of listed shares.

Dividend income

Dividends distributed within taxable periods commencing after 1 January 2020 arising from entities operating under the legal form of Société Anonyme (or Limited Liability) are taxed via corporate withholding taxation at the flat rate of 5% (said rate was set to 10% for the dividends distributed during the year 2019).

Interest income

Interest on deposits with banks operating in Greece and interest from Greek bonds and treasury bills are subject to income tax at the rate of 15%, and this tax is withheld at source with exhaustion of any further income tax liability. Non-residents are exempt from the WHT where the deposit is kept in foreign currency.

Rental income

Income from real estate property is taxed at separate rates (see the Taxes on personal income section).