Individual - Deductions

Last reviewed - 23 July 2021

Employment expenses

Kazakhstan obligatory and voluntary pension contributions are deductible.

This does not apply to foreign pension/social security contributions.

Personal deductions

Insurance premiums

Insurance premiums payable by individuals in their own favour under accumulative insurance agreements are deductible.

Medical expenses

Expenses for medical services (except cosmetics) capped at 94 times the monthly calculation index (approximately USD 653) are deductible, provided all supporting documents are in place.

Mortgage deduction

Amounts aimed at repayment of interest on housing loans provided to an individual who is a Kazakhstan resident by housing construction savings banks are deductible.

Personal allowances

The most notable allowance is a general deduction based on the minimum monthly wage of KZT 42,500 or KZT 510,000 per annum, which is applicable to Kazakhstan tax residents.

Business deductions

There are no business deductions allowed for employees. An individual may claim business deductions only if registered as an entrepreneur.