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Last reviewed - 31 May 2024

The Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan is dated 25 December 2017 under Law No. 120-VI 'On taxes and other obligatory payments to the budget (Tax Code)' (as amended and supplemented as of 21 May 2023).

Annual tax reporting

Tax residents are liable for reporting and paying tax in Kazakhstan for worldwide income and Kazakhstan-source income that is not taxed at the source via self-assessment (Tax Form 240.00). Submission of Tax Form 240.00 is by 31 March of the year following the reporting one and settlement of tax liability by 10 April.

However, starting from 2021, if an individual falls under the categories that are defined by the newly introduced Universal Filing Law, this individual should submit the universal filing tax forms.

Besides tax liabilities described above, tax residents, who are Kazakhstan citizens / residence permit holders, are required to disclose funds (in excess of approximately 15,000 United States dollars [USD] in total) on foreign bank accounts and information on ownership of property / securities / participation share located outside of Kazakhstan and digital assets as of 31 December of the reporting period (for information purposes only).

Kazakhstan tax non-residents are required to file the annual individual income tax return reporting Kazakhstan-source income that was not subject to taxation at the source of payment during the reporting year (e.g. capital gain, dividend, interest, property income, rental income).

Universal Filing Law

The first stage of universal filing was introduced in Kazakhstan for individuals starting with governmental employees in 2021, employees of the quasi-public sectors in 2023, heads and founders of legal entities in 2024, and all citizens by the fourth stage scheduled for 2025.

Each stage adds a new list of individuals who must comply with the law by filing universal filing tax forms, which are declaration on assets and liabilities (Form 250.00) and declaration on income and property (Form 270.00).

Form 250.00 is a one-time form for reporting accumulated assets and liabilities as entry information related to the integration of the mandatory universal filing system.

Form 270.00 is a form that is submitted annually after Form 250.00, in which individuals should report income and property received during the reporting period. However, if an individual would like to claim a foreign income tax credit, the declaration on individual income tax Form 240.00 should be filed as well.

The submission deadline for Form 250.00 and Form 270.00 is as follows:

  • Hard copy: No later than 15 July of the year following the reporting.
  • Electronically: No later than 15 September of the year following the reporting.

The tax payment deadline is 10 days after the submission date.