Corporate - Branch income

Last reviewed - 23 January 2024

Net income derived from a branch’s operations in Lebanon is subject to Lebanese CIT, levied under the real profit method at a rate of 17%. Taxable profits of foreign branch offices are deemed to be distributed on a yearly basis and are subject to a dividend distribution tax at the rate of 10%.

The 2022 Budget Law states that non-resident tax will be due on a quarterly basis within 15 days from the end of each quarter instead of the annual submission done along with the income tax filing.

Representative offices

Representative offices do not pay CIT as long as they do not carry out commercial activities. Representative offices are required to submit annual tax declarations along with detailed company information that includes employee information, a balance sheet, an income statement, a non-resident tax schedule, and a schedule of payments to professionals. The declaration, with all relevant documentation, should be submitted as one single set. All the information included should be based on accounting records. The deadline for submitting the declaration depends on the legal form of the parent company (i.e. before 1 June of the following year for SAL or SARL companies and before 1 May of the following year for others).