Corporate - Significant developments

Last reviewed - 15 June 2021

In response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) threat, the Lebanese Ministry of Finance (MoF) issued Decision No. 185, dated 19 August 2020, where it suspended the deadlines for all tax obligations to 31 December 2020 followed by a new Memo No. 1000 on 9 December 2020 where it extended the deadlines for all tax obligations previously suspended.

The government issued Law No. 199 on 29 December 2020 extending certain deadlines and granting some tax exemptions.

Further to the issuance of Law no. 199, the Ministry of Finance issued on 15 March 2021 several decisions extending the deadlines for different filing obligations (e.g. Payroll Tax, VAT declaration Q1 2021, etc.). Also, on 1 June 2021, the Ministry of Finance issued several decisions to further extend the deadlines for tax filing obligations.

Law no. 212 was issued on 16 January 2021 suspending legal, judicial and contractual deadlines falling within or affected by the complete country lock down as per the decision declaring a state of public mobilization  (Decree No. 7315 dated 12/31/2020). Accordingly, the Ministry of Finance recently published on its website a summarised schedule of the tax deadlines affected by this law that were previously extended by Law no. 185 (e.g. 25 June 2021 as an extended deadline for the filing of the 2019 income tax returns instead of 31 May 2020).

The MoF issued the 2020 Budget Law No. 6, dated 5 March 2020 (published in the Official Gazette No. 10, dated 5 March 2020). It does not include any changes in the CIT and value-added tax (VAT) rates.

The major tax amendments and exemptions are incorporated in the appropriate summary sections.