Individual - Other taxes

Last reviewed - 03 December 2023

Social security contributions (INAS)

Social security contributions are payable by all persons working in Libya, including expatriates.

Social security contributions are computed on gross income, and current rates are as follows:

Gross income Foreign branch (%) Libyan entity (%)
Employee’s contribution 3.75 3.75
Employer’s contribution 11.25 10.50
Contribution from public treasury - 0.75
Total 15 15

Libya has reciprocal agreements with some countries where residents working in Libya are eligible for reduced rates of social security contributions.

Social security is withheld by the employer and payable monthly, within ten days after the month end. For social security purposes, a late payment fine of 5% per annum is assessed on the amount due.

Social Unity Fund

1% of the monthly gross salary of all individuals exercising employment in Libya is collected by the Tax Department as a contribution to the Social Unity Fund.

Consumption taxes

Value-added tax (VAT)

In Libya, there is no VAT.

Property taxes

Libya has no specific property taxes.

Luxury and excise taxes 

Libya has no excise taxes.

Stamp taxes

A stamp duty of 0.5% is assessed on net salaries.

Stamp duty is also applicable to other items at the following rates:

Item Stamp rate (%)
Invoices (purchase of cars and alike to be paid by the buyer) 2
Invoices (purchase of materials) over LYD 100 to be paid by the buyer 1
Rental contracts to be paid by the tenant 1
Contracts for supplies, services, contracting, public works, etc. to be paid by the contractor 1
Sub-contracts to be paid by the sub-contractor 0.10
Opening of letters of credit 0.20
Guarantee, insurance, etc. of value 0.50
Receipts 0.50
Amounts paid by public organisations financed from the general budget of the state to others to be paid by the receivers 0.50