Corporate - Taxes on corporate income

Last reviewed - 17 January 2024

Resident companies generally must calculate their taxable base for CIT purposes on their worldwide income. Permanent establishments (PEs), unlike resident companies, are only required to calculate their taxable base for CIT purposes on income sourced in Moldova.

The CIT rate is 12%. 

Individual entrepreneurs are subject to a 12% CIT rate on their total income.

Farming enterprises are subject to a 7% CIT rate.

Small and medium companies that are not registered as VAT payers and correspond to specific criteria may opt for a special CIT regime of 4% on their aggregated income determined for accounting purposes, except for sources of income considered as non-taxable under the general tax regime.

Shareholders of companies classified as small or medium-sized enterprises that hold more than 25% of the value or number of shares or voting rights in more than three small and medium-sized enterprises must determine for which company the general tax regime (i.e. 12%) should be applied.

Local income taxes

There is no separate CIT at the local level. CIT is distributed between the national state budget and local budgets depending on the establishment of the entity and its subdivisions in accordance with the existing rules.